Getting In and Out of Rhythm with TaKeTina

Last month I had the opportunity to spend a full day at a TaKeTiNa workshop. TaKeTi Na is a musical process originated by Austrian percussionist Reinhard Flatischler. It is an opportunity to learn about the world of rhythm and how rhythmic knowledge can open new pathways to learning and self-definition

One of the key principles of TaKeTiNa is the interplay of order and chaos. Participants are given the opportunity to fall in and out of rhythm in a safe environment and the sessions are structured to facilitate that process. The dance between falling in and out of rhythm is where the opportunities for learning occur. The TaKeTiNa circle is a place where it really is ok to let things fall apart and fall back together again. It’s a beautiful reflection of how we live our lives day in and day out, going in and out of rhythm. How are you, when you step out of rhythm in you own life. Are you able to take a breath, stop and join back in again to life? I found myself becoming frustrated and a bit off centered when I lost my rhythm. Yet, taking a breath, I came back to center again, recognizing that within chaos lies order.
TaKeTiNa is known as the forgotten power of rhythm. It is a profound rhythm experience wherein the body itself is the instrument. Using simple steps, clapping, and call-and-response singing, we internalize the simultaneous constructions. Through rhythmic physical exploration, we recognize that the tools we use in more analytical processes are not useful for all types of learning. We accept that our failures are equally useful as our successes, and we learn to exult in falling in and out of rhythm.

The TaKeTiNa process is built on Rhythm Archetypes–a mirroring of rhythmic laws and universal images in our unconscious and a genetic imprint passed down through all time. These archetypes have been uncovered by every culture on earth. In TaKeTiNa, these laws have been synthesized into a coherent process that enables everyone to access his or her own rhythmic ability. 

In TaKeTiNa, music, dance, communication, neurological research, and chaos theory are integrated to create a new process for learning and transformation. I noticed that it is nearly impossible to do two different movements simultaneously using only an active, controlled awareness.  However, I did notice, that if I allowed myself to slip into a passive state, almost unconscious, that I was able to slip back into rhythmm.

Chaos is a natural and vital part of the rhythmic process and performs the same role in human physiology.  At certain intervals every organism falls from it’s existing order into a state of chaos and then back again
The challenge in rhythmic chaos is to let go of control, to allow confusion.  When we learn to drop out of the rhythm without panic, we find returning to it happens by itself”. How are you, when you slip into not knowing, into uncertainty? Do you constrict yourself or allow for expansion? Do you surrender into the present moment or resist it?

TaKeTiNa provides a wonderful mirror for personal processes that enables participants to transform patterns inhibiting ones life and relationships. Being guided into a state of rhythmic simultaneity, one experiences a mode of being both active, and at the same time passive.  Sooner or later as the established steps and claps are challenged, participants experience a state of falling in and out of rhythm.

TaKeTiNa is a profound rhythmic body of knowledge, which impacts on the body’s natural rhythms A natural rhythmic orientation that develops rhythmic competence and creativity. It is a mirror for personal processes that enables participants to transform behavior patterns inhibiting ones life and relationships.  It creates deep relaxation and vitalization of the nervous system and body rhythms.

The process of TaKeTiNa is deceptively simple but it is a surprisingly effective method of teaching rhythm. It works closely with body rhythms, stepping, clapping, chanting, laughing, falling in and out of rhythm. It is easy, playful, simple and enjoyable whilst at the same time being a profoundly unique experience. The beauty of TaKeTiNa is that there is no pressure to get it right – making mistakes is all part of the fun! Ta TaKeTiNa relaxes, rejuvenates and revitalizes the nervous system.

Difficult to describe in words, best experienced!


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